Company executives

Alexander Schmidt (left) and Andreas Schmidt (right) - 5th generation at V. FRAAS - are specialists in diverse areas and yet they have one thing in common: a passion for fashion and accessories.

Alexander Schmidt is an impassioned technician and experienced in the establishment of international production facilities. He is responsible for production which means the manufacture of 10 to 12 million scarves annually.

Andreas Schmidt is an internationally experienced accessories expert. He is responsible for the commercial affairs including the entire marketing activities of the company.


Our design team is active in Wüstenselbitz, New York, Paris, Düsseldorf and Shanghai. Market proximity and technical proficiency are the hallmarks of the product development of 500-700 new items annually.


Our sales activities are coordinated from 25 locations worldwide – Service, especially on the local level is the priority goal of the V. FRAAS sales policy. Our multi-facetted array of products makes cooperation with traders at all commercial levels possible.
Service to the customer is our goal and mission.


With our vertical manufacturing capacity we produce annually 10 to 12 million scarves and other textile accessories. We have other manufacturing facilities in Germany, the Czech Republic and China.

Yarn and spinning mills

The annual requirement of about 1,000 tons of yarn is filled by spinning mills and yarn suppliers domestically and abroad. On average we have 10,000 different lots in more than 100 different qualities at any one time in our yarn warehouse.

Weaving mill and rochelle knitting department

A range of products from inexpensive acrylic scarves to luxurious cashmere scarves are produced in our highly modern weaving mill which includes a rochelle knitting department equipped with specialized machinery.

Knitting mill

The new kid on the block in our international production is the highly modern facility in Zhangjiagang.

Textile finishing

The finishing of the raw textile weave is an essential part of our jump on quality. In our own finishing plant in the branch facitily in Helmbrechts we are constantly working to improve our quality.


Our logistic centers in Europe (Germany, Wüstenselbitz), the USA (Plattsburgh, NY) and Asia (Zhangjiagang) are responsible for worldwide distribution as well as the customer-specific handling of our products. Custom price ticketing, logo embroidery, individual packaging, brand labelling and putting on hangers round out or service offer.

Here you can find the newsblog of our brand.


Made in Germany
...many of our products bear this label, and they are woven, dyed and finished with commit- ment to the region. Conserving energy and distributed over short distances in Germany.
No company stands for scarves and textile accessories like V. FRAAS. That's why it means a lot to us to manufacture ethically and ecologically.
How to Wear
Here we will show you some options how we at V. FRAAS wear our scarves. Have fun!
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