Cashmink® is the product of years of innovative technological development. V. Fraas patented these amazing results in order to exclusively bring you the finest possible textile accessory – Cashmink®. These modern advances enabled us to create the most comfortable synthetic accessory whose softness, warmth, and functionality outperforms every natural fiber.


What could possibly be finer than cashmere? Cashmink® is actually. The Cashmink® fiber is finer than any natural fiber and is in fact 20% finer than cashmere. You can truly feel the difference. Its incomparable softness and optimal thermal insulation provide the highest level of warmth and comfort.

In short, Cashmink® feels wonderfully cozy and soft against the skin.

Life can be tough... who needs additional irritants? Cashmink® is soft and easy on your skin, contains hypo-allergenic properties, and is water-resistant. Facts all confirmed by the Hohenstein Institutes – a well respected textile testing and research organization. These inherent properties of the Cashmink® fiber and material ensure its high level of comfort, even on the most sensitive skin.

For V. Fraas, true innovation means blending function and fashion. Cashmink® accessories can be designed in an enormous variety of patterns and colors. The silky fiber and resulting plush material brings out every colour with an astonishing brilliance. This unique luster mixed with fashionable designs make Cashmink® accessories a must have for any autumn/winter wardrobe.

Making products that are gentle to both the environment and to your health has always been a part of the V. Fraas philosophy. All Cashmink® accessories are certified by the Öko-Tex Standard 100. This means Cashmink® is produced with extreme levels of efficiency ensuring no additional pollution and that all styles are screened for harmful substances certifying that the textiles used are not harmful to your health. So when you buy Cashmink® you’re doing something good for your wardrobe, the environment, and yourself.

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Made in Germany
...many of our products bear this label, and they are woven, dyed and finished with commit- ment to the region. Conserving energy and distributed over short distances in Germany.
No company stands for scarves and textile accessories like V. FRAAS. That's why it means a lot to us to manufacture ethically and ecologically.
How to Wear
Here we will show you some options how we at V. FRAAS wear our scarves. Have fun!
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