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Scarves are our tradition, our passion and our heritage. For more than 125 years, we at FRAAS have uplheld a family tradition of maufacturing high-quality scarves that are unlike anything else in the world. With our scarves, you can see the level of attention to detail which is unique to FRAAS. It is this which enabled FRAAS to establish itself as the world´s largest scarf manufacturer. And the very same craftsmanship is also the reason why the name FRAAS is synonymous with stylish yet affordable quality.

We are always looking for creative and motivated employees to strengthen our team!

Please send your complete application files to:

V. Fraas GmbH
Brigitte Weißmann
Orter Str. 6
95233 Helmbrechts
Fon: 0049 (0) 9252 703-0

As the global leader in the manufacture of textile accessories we place great value on high quality vocational training. We offer the perfect entry and professional prospects in a variety of vocational fields.

Offering trainee positions for training year 2019 at our location in Wüstenselbitz/Helmbrechts:


A highly diverse spectrum of tasks at all levels of the business awaits you. In each department that you work in during your traineeship you get insight into the diverse organization of integrated company procedures and become familiar with the associated specialist tasks. Marketing activities can be on your training schedule just as well as performing and watching over different manufacturing processes, or dealing closely with customers or suppliers. Due to the multiplicity of tasks the job qualifications for industrial clerks are especially demanding. Therefore, precise and thorough tasks must be mastered, just as much as organizing and calculating. Good foreign language skills are a basic requirement. If you are open and like working with people and have a knack for numbers and facts then a traineeship as an industrial clerk could be just the thing for you.


At the end of your traineeship as an information technology clerk you will combine business knowledge with technical IT skills. The task is to maintain all business and communications processes and make them faster, more efficient and user-friendly. Planning, set up, adjustment and conceptualization of information and telecommunications technology systems are just as much as part of your job description as the diagnosis, correction and prevention of malfunctions in soft and hardware. You advise and support the individual departments in their employment of applications systems. In addition, you provide on-site user support and are responsible for the installation and maintenance of IT systems. Targeted training measures and exciting projects help you attain broad IT and business knowledge. Understanding technology is just as important as the ability to think business, but a basic interest in internal company procedures makes a good basis for a start as an information technology clerk.


Finishing raw woven goods is a significant reason why we are the leader in quality. This is where a piece of woven material becomes a real scarf. The raw goods are dyed, washed, fulled, wet scoured, stretched, dried, softened, napped, sheared, pressed, decated, brushed and more. As a textile product finisher you work in a team to continually find ways to improve our materials. The traineeship encompasses the learning and controlling of textile finishing processes, verifying key data and getting to know the characteristics of various textile materials. The set up, operation and monitoring of machines along with computerized calculation of chemical-technical ingredients are all parts of your daily job. Your hallmarks are an instinct for the best quality as well as enthusiasm for technology. You are just as interested in textile materials as you are in chemical compositions and physical interactions. As a textile product finisher you have the privilege of applying the finishing touch to our accessories.


It takes a process of eleven steps to transform a thin thread into a fashionable scarf to grace ones neck. Ten to twelve million scarves and other accessories such as shawls, plaids, and knitted hats and gloves are manufactured in our vertically integrated manufacturing plant. To ensure that everything runs smoothly our textile production mechanics calibrate the fully and semi-automatic production machines. They put the machines into operation, monitor, service, tend and repair them and organize the supply of materials. Learning the techniques of manufacturing textiles is just as much a part of the training program as is the testing, calibrating and retooling of the machines. Manual dexterity and enthusiasm for technology are your key characteristics? And you are also interested in the manufacturing processes specific to our industry and specifically in our company? If you can answer these questions with a “yes”, then we have a place open for you in our manufacturing plant.


Our design team works out of Wüstenselbitz, New York, Düsseldorf and Shanghai. Market proximity and technical proficiency are the hallmarks of the design and product development of 500 – 700 new styles annually. Our textile designers come up with their own designs or use designs customers bring which are then realized in woven, rochelle and knitted accessories. Besides the creative design ideas it is necessary to consider economic viability and technical feasibility. The training for a product designer in textile encompasses learning about construction techniques, developing and drafting designs and their application in manufacturing. Contributing innovative and trendy ideas to the development of attractive accessories as well as working according to given specifications and confident poise with customers should all be easy for you.

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Made in Germany
...many of our products bear this label, and they are woven, dyed and finished with commit- ment to the region. Conserving energy and distributed over short distances in Germany.
No company stands for scarves and textile accessories like V. FRAAS. That's why it means a lot to us to manufacture ethically and ecologically.
How to Wear
Here we will show you some options how we at V. FRAAS wear our scarves. Have fun!
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