Sustainability at V. Fraas.

Scarves are our world, our tradition and our heritage. No other company stands for scarves and textile accessories like V. Fraas. That's why it means a lot to us to manufacture ecologically and ethically.

Rainer Söllner, Head of Procurement and Resource Management – Wustenselbitz/Germany:
"Many companies talk about sustainability, but we live it. Nearly 70% of the yarns we use are spun and dyed locally. The shorter transportation routes take a burden off the environment and conserve natural resources."

Uwe Kemnitzer, Head of Production and Engineering – Wustenselbitz/Germany:
"We manufacture in an area that boasts the greatest concentration of textile manufacturers in Germany. Due to this fact we are able to make our production at a low cost, effectively and aggressively competitive,

Brigitte Weißmann, Head of Human Resources – Wustenselbitz/Germany:
"Our trainees are our future – to continue delivering top-quality to our customers. We take on up to eight trainees every year, who attend blocks of instruction at the textile academy in Münchberg – the sole remaining school of its kind in Germany.

Frank Macke, Head of Quality Control – Wustenselbitz/Germany:
"Our customers' satisfaction is our prime goal which we are dedicated to achieving. Each individual scarf produced is checked piece by piece for defects and tested. Many of our materials are quality certified (Oeko-Tex 100). In this way we can guarantee the absolute trust in textiles.

Andreas Schmidt, Chief Executive in the fifth generation at V. Fraas:
There is a common thread in each FRAAS scarf. Not only the thread we weave or knit with, but the common thread that runs through the ecological and ethical aspects. The environment is important to us. Our employees are important to us as much as our customers are also important. In order to be able to wrap a bit of textile trust around our customer's necks that complements their total outfit.

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Made in Germany
...many of our products bear this label, and they are woven, dyed and finished with commit- ment to the region. Conserving energy and distributed over short distances in Germany.
No company stands for scarves and textile accessories like V. FRAAS. That's why it means a lot to us to manufacture ethically and ecologically.
How to Wear
Here we will show you some options how we at V. FRAAS wear our scarves. Have fun!
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