Promotion - individual solutions for scarves, neck ties or home accessories

We develop custom products for presenting your company image perfectly tailored to your corporate identity. In cooperation with you we will come up with the ideal accessories for your Private Label, manufactured with great attention to detail using unique materials and craftsmanship: whether they be all-over patterns, embroidered logos, prints or customized features.


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Anja Hansl
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Made in Germany
...many of our products bear this label, and they are woven, dyed and finished with commit- ment to the region. Conserving energy and distributed over short distances in Germany.
No company stands for scarves and textile accessories like V. FRAAS. That's why it means a lot to us to manufacture ethically and ecologically.
How to Wear
Here we will show you some options how we at V. FRAAS wear our scarves. Have fun!
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